No ID Card

Having to carry identification and present it to police was a legal cornerstone of totalitarian regimes such as Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa. In Canada, there is no general requirement that a person carry ID and there is no general police power to detain, arrest, or search a person who refuses to provide identification.

Except in limited circumstances, it is not an offense to refuse to identify yourself. It is your right to refuse. Police cannot arrest, detain or search you just to find your ID.

Be part of the NO ID Campaign. Carry a card and exercise your right to refuse.
Order cards: send cheque or money order payable to Davin Charney to 400-197 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON  M5T 2C8.  Cost – send us whatever you think is fair.

Print your own cards. Download NO ID card PDF
No ID artwork
Remember, sometimes you do have to show police ID.

You must show ID to the police if you are doing a licensed or regulated activity.
For example, if you are driving a car you have to show ID to prove that you are licensed. If you are drinking alcohol in a bar, or watching a restricted movie, you may have to show ID to prove that you are old enough to do so.

You must provide your name to police if they want to give you a ticket. For example, you must identify yourself if you have been found j-walking, trespassing, drinking in public, or biking without a bell or light. If you do not identify yourself to avoid getting a ticket, you may be criminally charged with obstructing police.

If you have been arrested and you don’t give the police your name, they may not release you.