Police complaint samples

Making a police complaint should be fairly straight forward. You do not need a lawyer, but you should retain a lawyer if you can to assist you to get the best possible outcome. You might also consider asking a social worker or some other professional to assist you with the process. Every province has a different procedure for making police complaints. There will be a central agency
that accepts the complaints. Using Google you can easily find the agency responsible for investigating complaints where you live.
Here are a few sample police complaints that can give you an idea of the information you should include in your complaint. These samples are for reference only. Legislation referred to in the complaints will only be applicable in Ontario so you should remove those references if you are
making a complaint in another province.
Police Complaint sample #1 [ Police Complaint Chris Rosen.pdf ]
Police Complaint sample #2 [ Police Complaint Mike Sanchez.pdf ]
Police Complaint sample #3 [ Police Complaint of Mathew Clinton.pdf ]
Police Complaint sample #4 [Police Complaint Sam Smith.pdf]