Guide to suing the police in Small Claims Court

Information here can help you sue the police without the assistance of a lawyer

If you cannot retain a lawyer, you might consider representing yourself. You can self represent at any level of court but it may be easier in Small Claims Court.

Need help writing a Statement of Claim? Check out these actual claims:
Mitchell v Sault Ste. Marie Police Services Board
Broomes v Region of Waterloo Police Services Board
Stewart v Toronto Police Services Board

The Pivot Legal Society has produced a useful booklet for people suing in BC:
Booklet – How to Sue the Police and Private Security in Small Claims Court.

If you want to sue the police in an Ontario Small Claims Court, check out this useful guide:
Booklet – Sue the Police
Be careful and use these guides at your own risk. These guides are not up to date but still have useful information.
You will need legal cases to support your claim. Check out our Legal Library.